“Julio provides a very accurate and professional service. He goes the extra mile to get the maximum refund possible, he is very quick with responding, proactive with questions and always very positive.”   Adriana Pichardo
“Julio is very organized and straight to the point.  I live in San Francisco and I don’t mind driving to San Jose just to get my taxes done with Julio.”  Zolzaya Bayaraa

“Julio is the best accountant I have ever worked with.  He is fast, smart, knows tax law and always gets me the biggest return.  I recommend his services to anyone looking to maximize their returns.”  Veronica Jacuinde

“Julio is always striving to meet my needs as a client.  He has a vast knowledge about taxes past, present and what is coming up in the future.  If I ever had a quick question I could text or call and I would get a response very quickly.  I highly recommend Rick.”  Dr. Vicki Trask

“Julio offers the best tax preparation compared to all others I’ve seen in the Bay Area!  I feel like he puts his personal attention and effort into my taxes which puts my mind at ease.”  Chris Nicolaidis